Allseas is committed to strict
corporate ethics which involve:

  • Treating its employees fairly.

  • Promoting the welfare of its seafarers and their families.

  • Benefiting the local communities in which the Company operates.

  • Adopting practices that aim at protecting the natural environment.

  • Embracing diversity and innovation in every realm of its work.

Allseas abides by ISO 26000 standards with regard to social responsibility and corporate governance.

Our CSR policies & activities can be divided into the following categories:


We abide by strict health & safety standards both in our headquarters and onboard our ships, involving regular drills, staff training sessions and thorough medical check-ups for our travelling personnel.


We work closely with many educational institutions in order to encourage young people to join what we believe is a great industry.


In recent years we have provided support to numerous NGOs including Merimna Moschtou, Helmepa, Kivotos tou Kosmou, Elpida Centre for People with Special Needs, Christodoulio Orpanage, SOS Villages and PIKPA. One of our proudest achievements is that we have maintained a voluntary company Blood Bank at Voula Hospital since 2010. We are a also a founding member and major supporter of SYN-ENOSIS.


We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon-footprint, which is why we have invested in a fleet of eco-friendly vessels and our rigorous recycling schemes both onboard and at shore.


We believe in keeping our employees happy which is why we offer private health care plans, private pension schemes, vast educational and professional opportunities, as well as frequent events and conferences.

At Allseas, we take CSR very seriously

as demonstrated by the establishment of a dedicated committee, as well as an annual budget specifically for charitable activities.

For enquiries about whether a situation violates any applicable law, rule, regulation or Company policy or to report possible misconduct or violations of the Code:

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